*stealing this idea*

{okay so maybe i shouldn't say "steal" because i'm not claiming it as my own idea...i'm just going to borrow it..sound better? so what the heck is the idea? well it's creating a photo album for every year..not the old fashion photo albums (above) like we (and our parents) used to create when we were younger but this type of photo album...more of a "year book" as young house love describes it. i think it's a brillant idea. i don't know about you...but having pictures on my computer or ebook that are filed into folders just doesn't do it for me. i know that once Oliver is home, we will be taking a ton more pictures and it would be so fun to see them complied into a book each year. i'm actually pretty excited to get this started...i know this year will be the first year to do a book like this....since he WILL be coming home. so how do you collect your pictures?}

{image above brings back memories of looking through all the old albums...source.}
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