{sorry for the late post...but i have a great excuse! i went shopping for Oliver today!! i met up with my friend Bridgette and her adorable son Beau (who came home last July) and they took me to a new place called Buy Buy Baby. it was so much fun...not just because i got to shop for my son but because i got to spend time with my sweet friend and her son! the store they took me to is similar to b.r.us but it's set up similar to bed bath and beyond. the store was super clean, super organized and there was a bonus...it did not smell like a poopy diaper...yay! i noticed right away that the brands Buy Buy Baby carried were much different then what b.r.us carries. there was so much more to look at and there was a large variety of "Green" products! love. there was a specific brand that caught my eye, it's called EverEarth. the toys were super cute and there were tons of boy toys. so when i got home...i checked out their website....}
{what i didn't realize was we already have a toy from this company. Oliver was given this toy above for Christmas from b's aunt. the website had a lot more items then what the store had (obviously)...i could buy all of them. so many fun choices. check some of my favorites out....}

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