*final care package*

{so when we were putting this care package together last month, our thoughts were of Valentine's Day...we knew by the time this package made it to Holt, it would be past Valentine's Day and then it occured to me that in Korea, woman celebrate their "Valentines" in March, it's called White Day....and it just so happens to be today! so we decided to send special treats to Oliver's foster mother and sisters....girl scout thin mint cookies, m&ms with sayings like "hugs", candy hearts and starbucks packets. the frame was left empty on purpose. i can't show you the picture i framed because it's of Oliver and his foster mother but it's one that she's never seen before. it's a super sweet picture of them together all bunddled up outside Holt. it was taken by our friend, Mary Lou, who took it when she visited with them back in November and it's by far one of my favorite pictures of them. so i wanted her to have a copy too.  we sent Oliver some more layers...it's super chilly in Korea right now. the black and white striped shirt is bittersweet because this is the first shirt i bought him (with b) when we found out he was our son. it was hanging in his closet in hopes that he would wear it when he got home...but it was getting too small so we sent it. we are not sure if we will get a picture of O with his care package since we were submitted for an EP last week. we are hoping that next Monday we will get great news that the EP was approved and praying that Oliver comes home in the next couple weeks! it's hard to believe this is our last care package...#10!}
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