*how we celebrated*

{last night when b got home, we headed down to the square to celebrate the amazing news we had received that day. we had every intention of going to our new favorite restaurant (i was craving their delicious spaghetti) but had to quickly find an alternative because we didn't think the movie producers who were filming wanted us in their movie. ;) so we walked over to our favorite sushi place and had some yummy rolls and each got a beer. after dinner, we took a stroll through the square and decided to grab some frozen yogurt. we don't normally do this unless we are with others or have company...but last night was about celebrating...so why not. i splurged and got the chocolaty toppings along with some healthy fruit...it balances right?} 

{a little close up for those of you who are drooling....it was soooo good. we are still in a haze and can't believe that it's finally happening. we've waited a long time friends...and it's almost unreal. to finally be in this position is like a dream...our son will be home in a matter of days now. we were told to expect a travel call in 1 to 3 weeks...that is soooon!!! it's crazy...i will finally become Oliver's momma and he will finally be in my arms. there are no words to describe how good this feels. lots to do before the big day!}
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