*it's all mental*

{i realized this week that i have literally checked out. i can not focus on anything but Oliver. i think about him coming home ALL. THE. TIME.  i go to bed thinking about him, i wake up thinking about him. i think about what we want to get done before he gets home, what we need to do for him, what should i wear when i meet him...it's all about him. i've been waiting for this moment for a very very long time. mentally...i am not here. so i apologize in advance if my posts seem off or they become sporadic. my son is coming home and really...i don't care about anything else but that. in two weeks, it will be our one year referral anniversary...so i'm beyond ready for this day to finally be here. hope you all understand....and stick with me as i sit back and just enjoy my last part of waiting for Oliver.}

...by the way...is your neck of the woods blooming like mine? we've got wisteria, dogwoods and azaleas blooming every where. it's so beautiful...but i could do without the pollen..it's horrible and a mess! 
Happy (day late) Spring!
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