*some diys*

{i really would love to try this diy project...found via pinterest (where else right?). it's a total throw back to the string art that was cool when i was growing up. of course the colors that were used back then aren't as cool as the ones here. i don't think i will be trying it any time soon (have you heard...Oliver's coming home!) but it's going into that maybe...some day...i can attempt this...folder. i think i would start with one letter first...then if i finished that one specific letter...maybe just maybe...would i then try multiple letters together.}

{so there are more diy projects in this said folder...if you follow me on pinterest..you know that i have a thing for dipped objects. so of course...this one i am dying to try out. i can think of a ton of things that i could dip into a fun color...but that's for later...}
{this is one that i really need to try and attempt before my little one comes home...as you can see..Ollie wears these in Korea....i found two sites that share the diy instructions...here and here.}
{so i'm thinking i might want a couple handy for when he comes home...i also know some other little ones that are in need of them. wish me luck..i'm going to attempt them this week. seems like every time i try to work on a project something happens that prevents me from working on it.
 i'll keep you updated....}
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