{i'm not sure if you guys remember this post...because there were quite a few care packages that we sent to O...but this one was extra special. it was Oliver's birthday care package. in this package, i made O a special t-shirt for his big day...the brown tee with the words "ONE" on it. over the 12 months we waited for O to come home, we never received any pictures of him in any of the shirts i had made for him. that was fine but i was curious to know if his foster mother ever dressed him in any of the shirts. well in his big blue Holt bag that came home with him...there was a memory stick filled with pictures of O and there were two pictures of my boy in his "ONE" t-shirt! it's the only plum.tree shirt that was photographed through out the time he was with his foster family so i feel like these pictures are extra special....}
{swoon...love that my O wore his birthday shirt!}

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