*two weeks home*

{it's crazy to think that our son has been home for two whole weeks...all i can say is each day just gets better and better! i'd like to write a post that is dedicated to what O is doing and learning and what has changed since the first day he came home...but for now..let's just look at pictures from the last two weeks..shall we?}
exploring outside the house...in his pjs.
our first walk in the ergo...
watching a video with Appa on his phone...
playing with bubbles for the first time on the back deck..
a little cat nap in the car that turned into a 2 hour snooze..

first doctors visit....boo...O did not like this visit.

loving the wheel at our local playground...
acting like one of the dogs...right after our 1st post placement visits!
our first trip to Target...
having his first scone...and loving every single bite!
all ready for his first play date at home...looking spiffy in his hot dog tee.
having fun with Addie at his first playdate at home.
a little blurry but one of my favorites of me and my boy...
having fun with his buddy, Noah in the backyard.
*vote 4 me* tee...love this tee!
trying to get a photo of the three of us...

having an old fashion donut (his first with us) after having a bad experience with "lab work"...that darn nurse.
more fun at our local park with neighbor Addie...
loving every second of his new vintage cozy coupe. a gift from our next door neighbor!
wearing some cool shades for the first time (they were a gift from his buddy Carson).

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