*still here*

{promise...i've been away too long and i know it. for the first couple weeks after O came home, it was very hard for me to think of anything but him and maintaining a good schedule for him. i didn't think about pinterest, my blog, google reader...it was all him. i went to bed when he went to bed and i woke when he woke. my whole world changed. i no longer was able to get up and do my normal routine like checking e-mail, looking at pinterest, grabbing a little breakfast and hoping in the shower when i wanted to. it took some time to feel comfortable and to figure out what worked for both of us. tomorrow will mark 7 weeks and that blows my mind. it's crazy how fast each week goes but like everyone assured me...each week gets better and better. i now have a new schedule for myself and i'm slowly getting back on pinterst and i have some time to read a couple blogs or get on facebook. it's nice. i feel like myself again. i'm not complaining in any way just saying that i knew things would take time and i'm happy to say that it's feeling like a (new) normal around here.}

{it's actually been pretty busy here. b and i plan something to do every weekend so that we don't feel like we are tied to the house and i really think Oliver likes being out and about. i have so many pictures to share of our outings and i hope to get those up soon. i have been working on Oliver's baby book, his height chart and printing out pictures for his life book. i don't want to miss something important. it feels good to work on it and i hope that one day he will be able to enjoy all the information that i have been writing down for him. i ordered his announcements finally! phew...glad those are checked off. now i am working on his birthday party...yes..a birthday party..here..not in Korea! O will turn 2 in August and i need to start planning. i'm actually pretty excited and a little nervous about planning his party. now that we have an idea of what Oliver is into...i have a couple ideas on what i think we should base the party around. i'm also thinking about summer activities...something i never really thought about. i find it more exciting to know that we will be able to experience everything with O now..it's like everything is new again! i need to share what he's been up to and what's new since the last post. one thing for sure is our boy is very comfortable with us and that makes me and b super happy! life is good! hope all is well with you!}  

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