*new start?*

{this is very frustrating and it's a long story that i can't seem to figure out the solution for but 7 years worth of pictures have been deleted and for some reason i can't get them back. the other day i was looking at my pictures and realized i had a ton of them that i didn't need on my phone. i thought i would get some "space" back on my phone and without thinking i erased a lot of them. turns out they were linked to my blog...and erasing them from my phone meant i erased them forever. i have tried to get them back by using a couple different recovery programs on both my computer and my phone...but as you can see...no luck. i'm frustrated and really sad about this. seven years is a long time...don't worry though..the really important ones were saved on my computer or external drive...but had i known that erasing my photos off my phone would result in me loosing years of posting...i wouldn't have touched them. so please excuse the absence of photos and my blog header as i try to figure out what to do from here. xo!}

{p.s. O is doing great! we celebrated 2 months home yesterday and it's crazy how fast he's growing. our little guy turned 22 months yesterday and will be 2 years old in just two months..eek!! i have a lot of planning to do for his big party! so much to share and tell but i've got to figure out this blog first. hope all is well!!}
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