*they are popping*

{these are my new favorite shorts...i'm not joking. i bought three pairs..in different colors of course...but i had to. they are way too comfortable to only have one pair! i have been looking for shorts for quite some time and i always have a hard time finding ones that fit good. so after shopping at the malls and other locations...i decided to do something differently. i looked online and went to a store i don't normally buy clothes from...victoria secret. i ended up ordering six pairs of shorts. i knew some wouldn't work out and hoped that others would. well two out of the six worked so i exchanged a veto'd one for a third pair of these cotton poplin shorts. i now have the white, sunbleached red and windsurf blue. i'm so happy i went this route because i normally end up every summer with a new pair of basic khaki shorts that i never really wanted in the first place. not only are these shorts comfortable but they are so fun to mix tops with..and...you can dress them up or wear them casually. win win in my book!}
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