to paint or paint and stain?

We met with the contractor on Friday and boy am i excited! 
come on closing!! 
only a week away peeps!! 
a week!

the flooring guy met us at the house as well and we talked about what floor we would like to have 
 installed..pretty much through out the house!
we chose to go with 2 1/4" red oak with a dark walnut stain. 
you can see a sample of the stain on this picture from a blog i read called
side note: 1. you have to check out the house she's building! i am in love with her laundry room floor...
click on the link then scroll to end of post...love!
2. also..she has a GREAT last name! ;) 
no relation...that i know of. 

we also discussed the staircase. you see that staircase above...yeah..it needs my help.
 i think i mentioned to you all before that we are giving this staircase a face lift right? 
well we are..so now you know.
 the carpet, the spindles, the railing and the newel post are all moving out.
oh and so is the parquet flooring...bye bye.
the floor guy is going to see if the treads are all red oak or if they are just partially red oak and some other wood material like poplar under the carpet.
 the house was built in the 80's so i am thinking...partial.
 now if they are all red oak..we are in luck! 
why? well we save some money..wahoo...everyone likes to save right? 
 the floor guy would only have to sand and stain...
now of course, if they are two different wood species...
the money leaves our pockets and goes into new red oak treads.  

our contractor will come in after and add new spindles and a shiny new newel post. 
the question that i am faced with is...
do i have the spindles, railing and newel post painted?
or do i...
have the railing stained and the spindles and newel post painted?
do i have the railing stained, the spindles painted and the newel post stained AND painted?

hmmm....i am leaning towards the stain, paint, stain and paint...got that? 
(this last picture.)

what do you think?

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Michelle said...

I agree with you, last photo of the stain, paint, stain and paint. Cannot wait to see final product!

Yvonne said...

first or last. those are my votes - and can't wait to see what it looks like when you are done!

April said...

Last is my favorite! :)

ASz said...

Option 3 is the one for me!!! Love all your new home ideas!