*big boy*

{b and i have been talking about putting our house back on the market. we would like to do this at the beginning of next year..eek! the main reason is for a bigger house and the second big reason is so that we are closer to b's office. i can't help but daydream about a new house and all the rooms i will get to "touch". one of those of course would be Oliver’s! i know..i know..we just finished his current room this year...but that room was three years in the making so it's not that "new" (to me). well it is to O...but you get my point. so as i daydream about his future "big boy" room...i can't help but think of this room above and those colors. Oliver really loves wheels...as you all probably know by now and his fascination with cars, trucks, trains and boats is evident..every..single..day. it will be fun to do his new room...some day in the future.}
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