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{inspiration for Oliver's party.}

{i think we finally decided (or should i say I finally decided since b is happy with what i decide (thank you for always trusting me b! ;)) on the colors, theme...pretty much everything. the colors are red, blue and white...it sounds like we are doing a patriotic party...and in a way that's sort of true. it will be Oliver's first birthday home and around his birthday..we will be close to finalizing...so why not have a little blue, red and white? we really didn't want to get too theme-y with his party but O has an obsession with anything that has wheels so that made it pretty easy. we are going to incorporate cars, trucks, trains, bikes...anything with wheels into his party and of course throw in splashes of color here and there. i'm super excited to start the hunt for all of our party items and hopefully in the weeks to come..i can share some of our purchases!}

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