*Ahh-pool farm*

on sunday, b and i took o to an apple farm in northern georgia. it was about an hour and a half north of atlanta. the drive was beautiful, the weather was cool with some sunshine...perfect for fall layers. we got to the farm about 20 minutes after they opened. this is something that i have been waiting to do for quite some time and with o saying apple (Ahh-pool) now..it was exciting. we started off with picking some apples...
o got into picking the apples...although he wasn't so gentle putting them in the bag. sorry bruised apples. ;)
there were "bikes" you could ride in which o called "car-ra" (car). b rode with him on the bike and o laughed the entire time. he also thought he could steer him and Appa around the track...uh..not so much.
we took a wagon ride to the other side of the farm and luckily..we were the only ones on the wagon.
we were dropped off by the nature trail and o noticed the ponies.
it was extra to ride the pony, i wasn't sure how o would react to being on a moving pony since he didn't like a carousal...but to my surprise...he LOVED it. he giggled the whole time. it was the sweetest thing to see him ride a pony and this momma was thinking possible future horse back riding lessons.
next up was the petting farm..another extra charge that this time, i knew o would enjoy. the baby goats greeted us at the gate...or should i say...they greeted o. they were so fascinated with him and his tiny fingers.
one particular goat was interested in b's back pocket. it was a worn pocket that had some strings hanging out...this goat thought it would make for a fine meal.
this goat pulled the string in order to get a bucket of food...he drew quite a crowd.
we left the farm with a large bag of apples and some fresh apple cider...
not to mention our first fall memory with o.
it was the perfect "first" for our little family.
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