*cozy tozies*

b will tell you, i have very cold feet.
during the fall and winter..i usually have a pair of socks on when hanging out at home.
he will also tell you that typically a pair of socks does not help my cold feet. poor b has to "cuddle" with my cold feet (socks included) at night.
 when i was a young one, i almost always had a new pair of slippers each year..which i would wear the heck out of. now that i am older...slippers are not a big deal to me. i don't really think about them. i know b probably wishes that i did. (love you b!)
 well last week as i was browsing etsy..i found these simple slip on crocheted slippers
that was a mouthful wasn't it? they are made by a shop called white noise maker.
these slippers are adorable...they are actually a modern day version of what i used to have growing up. i love the simplicity of them and the fact that when not in use, they can easily go in my sock drawer. having a teeny tiny house with very little storage for extra stuff...
including shoes/slippers...being able to fold up your slippers is a huge incentive to buy a pair...or two.
my favorite are the peanut butter and grey...
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