*read to me*

 it took Oliver awhile to figure out that the books on his shelves were fun to look through...but once he started...he grew to really love them! Oliver looks at books every single day weather it's here at home or in the car. he's gotten to the point where he knows most of them and will "read" them out loud. books are spread through out the house most days...in the hall, on Oliver's floor, in our bed, laying on the kitchen and bathroom floors..you get the point.
 we read one "nice" book before nap time and he picks out three board books that are read to him before night night.
i find myself wanting new ones whenever we go to the book store (which is once a week...for story time) since we read so much...some times i get a little bored with the same books and need one to just refresh the selection. i'm excited that we have the holidays coming up because that means we get to introduce seasonal books like Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin and Elmo's Monster Mash (someone really loves Elmo!). these books above are the ones that Oliver has really been interested in lately...it's no surprise...he loves pumpkins, trucks/construction and animals. what i love is that he still pulls out a book we sent him while he was in Korea. Five Little Pumpkins is one that b and i picked out and put in his Halloween care package last year. we found out from Oliver's foster mother that it was his favorite book and she was so sweet to send it home with him!
it's been a lot of fun and honestly...it's opened my eyes to the world of books. it's a lot of fun and i've actually started to create a list of books to purchase. i seriously wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas...so we can pick out some new books. :)
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