*work and play*

i started a new project recently. this will be my first job since Oliver's been home and thankfully it is with my friend and realtor, Natalie. i am so excited about this project because Natalie and I have worked on a couple other projects before and we have so much fun together! it also helps that we have very similar tastes and sense of humor! oh and she's a mom so she gets that i have to work during Oliver's nap or once he's down for the night. i love that! 
so this project is extra special because it's her personal home and i feel really honored to be helping her with it. she is starting from scratch so she can customize the areas that she wants. this is where it gets really fun! i'm helping her with a couple areas that involve cabinetry as well as areas that need second opinions like furniture placement and lighting. so far we have worked on the exterior and tweaked the kitchen floor plan. it's still in the beginning stages but it's starting to heat up. i will be drawing sketches of the cabinetry in the next couple weeks which means i will be using the time that i get when Oliver naps. so i am not sure how i will manage my time between drawing and blogging. i might have to start blogging again at night like i used to...we will see though. for now, i am happy that i get to dabble in design again...but also be able to spend my days with Oliver.
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