*oh monday*

so did you have a great weekend?
we did. it went by so quick though...don't they always?
over the weekend i kept thinking how quickly Thanksgiving would be here and i really wanted Oliver to get into the holiday like he did with Halloween. the only disadvantage is...where in the world are all the turkey decorations? i had some ideas on what i wanted to do for decorations but when i went to the stores today...they all skipped Thanksgiving and went right for Christmas. now don't get me wrong..i'm beyond excited about Christmas but i'd like to enjoy this little holiday with O before the "big" one!
so i bought these little turkey stickers, some twine and a can of spray paint with an idea in mind. once we got home, O and i picked out some branches and i pulled out some tags i've had in my craft bins. after a couple minutes i knew my idea would work. we were going to make..
a Thankful Tree.
 it's not an original thought by any means..just a craft i've never done.
i was so excited to put this together...
how perfect...because there is so much to be thankful for this year!!
one of them being...this little guy!!
he makes me laugh every day!
he wanted his hat on so bad while i was driving so i had to "toss" it on his head and he let it sit there for a long time. made me chuckle every time i looked at him!
so i spray painted my twigs a pretty bronze color (hard to tell in the picture), used two turkey stickers back to back with some brown twine to create ornaments and then started our first five thankful tags.
our thankful tree.
now i need to make a banner for the cabinet behind our tree...
oh and i might be a little here and there this week...i'm working on elevations for my project and it's a little hard to do them with O awake..so that means naps and night time is my only chance to sketch...which also means..less time to blog but i will try to get on here as much as possible!
happy monday!
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