*one little indian...*

yesterday, i decided to make Oliver an Indian headdress for Thanksgiving. i used foam sheets that i picked up from Micheal's earlier this week to make it. it was really easy and a lot of fun!
i did it all before 10 a.m. (most while Oliver was eating breakfast)
all i used were...
4 colors of foam sheets (i could make 3-4 more of these with the remaining pieces)
a sharpie for stitch/feather decoration
scissors to cut
a scale (ruler) for measuring
hot glue gun
1 rubber band
i made the band 1 3/4" high and added a hole at each end for the rubber band. the rubber band allowed Oliver to get it on and off with out any problem. i just tied the rubber band in a knot to keep it secure.
the feathers were approx. 2" wide by 5" tall. i used my scissors to cut little triangles out of the feather shape and my sharpie to add detail. 
once i had my three feathers detailed, i figured out the center of the band and then glued them to the front. i did this so Oliver would have maximum head space. i then added a few little scrap pieces to the sides to give it a little extra pop.
then i was done..that's it. super easy!
the instant i was done..my little guy wanted to be an Indian.
he's worn it the last two days...i'd say it was worth it! :)
doesn't he look so cute?

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