*planning ahead*

a couple weekends ago, the three of us were shopping at the mall. we were there just to look around really not on a mission for anything. 
is it just me...when i'm actually on a mission to find something..i don't ever find it!
does that happen to you?
anywho..i always like to stop in Zara to see what is new and that day i saw a couple pieces that i really wanted (more on those later)...
but i HAD to have this dress. 
every year, b's company has a Christmas party and every year i feel like i wait too long to find an outfit to wear and then end up wearing something i am not totally comfortable in or it's all grey/black.
as soon as i saw this, i had to try it on. i loved the color...a jewel tone..my favorite!
colors are tricky for me...there are a lot that seem to "wash me out"...but this one was perfect!
the topping on the cake...
the jeweled peter pan collar. sigh...love it!
the bonus to this..it can be worn for all seasons AND i don't need to stress over what i'm wearing next month!
p.s. i looked online and they don't seem to have this listed...sorry!
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