*the pink pig*

today, we went and visited the Pink Pig at our local Macy's. it's a ride that has been around for many many years (i believe it started in the 50's). i don't know all the history of this ride but it's a pretty big deal. i remember hearing about this ride the first year we moved to Atlanta but never had any reason to want to see what it was all about (until now).
the ride is put together a couple weeks before Thanksgiving and i believe it's only up until the end of the year. so as you can imagine..the lines get pretty long. luckily my friend Karen is a super pro at things like this and told my friend Bridgette and I what time to meet her there. Oliver and i got to the mall a little before 10 and met up with our friends. the line had already started to form and was growing pretty quickly. luckily Karen was already in the ticket line so it only took a couple minutes for us to purchase our tickets...
once we got our tickets..we waited for a little under a half an hour before we got into the tent. like i said..it's a big deal. Oliver was really good at waiting..he of course had his buddies Issac, Kate and Beau to keep him entertained so that helped.
my little guy was eager to ride the "choo choo train" as he called it. i'm not sure where he got that from but i didn't correct him. as soon as we rounded the corner and got to see the interior of the tent...he was ready to go.
the tent was filled with pink lights and tons of merchandise. in front of the green curtain was Priscilla the Pig. i wasn't sure how Oliver would react to her or if he'd want to get his picture taken with her but as soon as he noticed Priscilla, he started to wave to her! i was actually surprised (this gives me hope for Santa!). when it came time for us to get his picture taken, he walked right up to her and sat on her lap. i was so proud of him!
after he took his picture. we quickly boarded the "choo choo train" and waved to our friends in the back of the ride.
here is me and my guy before we took off. i love his cheeks here..they look so chubbalicious!
 he is still learning to smile at the camera on command. ha!
really he was pretty happy.
i love this picture. i love seeing his expression. it has been so fun to see him experience new things like this ride and to hear him giggle and say "wow". makes my heart sore!
the ride was super quick like maybe a minute..it's two times around a flat track..
very much like a "choo choo train". hey..what can i say...my boy called it. ;)
after the ride..we had to get this picture. after all it was his first Pink Pig experience.
i'm thinking a new tradition.
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