*a walk of lights*

last wednesday night, we were so excited to take Oliver to our botanical gardens for their second annual garden lights. an event we loved last year. 
we knew after taking O to Calloway, that he would really like the garden's light show too especially since they have a train set up...which was expected to be bigger then last year's display.
well it turns out...wednesday wasn't the best day for O. he decided a nap was not needed and 
Mr. Grumpy Pants took his place. boo...but it wasn't all bad so i say...keep looking and reading....
as we drove into the gardens, b and i noticed right away that they had added more lights then last year. hooray! we love lights and the more..the merrier. 
the first thing we noticed were these beautiful "trees". i seriously wanted these for our yard!
 most people (ahem...b) assumed they were real with a large amount of lights added to the branches but after closer inspection..on my part...it turns out they were fake. yup...fake...which made it even easier to have in our yard...right?
this picture cracks me up...
mirror..mirror..on the wall. who's the fairest of them all?
this part of the garden is where we took pictures last year. it's so pretty with all the trees hanging over the walkway...but as i took about five pictures of my boys...this couple behind b decided to photo bomb the pictures...every..single..picture. 
even though we were dealing with crabby pants...we managed to smile in most of our pictures.
no photo bombers here!
this part of the garden is magical. i could sit and watch these colored globes for hours. they are hooked up to holiday music which makes the globes change colors.
 it makes for quite a show!   
 as we were pushing O around the greenhouse, there was a really nice lady (who worked or maybe she was just volunteering at the gardens that night) who asked us to go into the greenhouse to see more of the light show. after we informed her that we were pushing Mr. GP, she was so kind to give us some chocolate kisses. she was an angel in disguise for sure..because one chocolate kiss helped us get through the rest of the show.
the train set up had changed locations which was great because that meant we were able to make it our last stop before going home. it's a dark photo but b and o are under the sign pointing the way for the "main" attraction (in Oliver's eyes).
it was definitely much bigger then last year. to say O loved it would be an understatement. i think we could have stayed there all night and our little train lover would have been in heaven. he was mesmerized for sure.
even though we had to deal with a grumpy toddler, the trip to the gardens will probably be my favorite memory of our first Christmas season with O. now this is all before Christmas day of course...but we'll say..besides...Christmas day..this is right up there at the top of the list...and most certainly will be a yearly thing.
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