have you started wrapping your gifts yet? i haven't. as much as i love wrapping paper. i have decided that i'm not going to use it on all of our gifts.
i picked up some cute red and white chevron wrapping paper a week or two ago and i think i've decided i'm going to use it to only to wrap Oliver's gifts. as for b's gifts, i'm going to use the stack of whole foods bags i've been keeping along with some red and green baking twine and print of some fun paper tags. i love how it makes gifts a little extra special.
 if you are looking for something a little different this year then you are at the right place my friend. not only do i have links to printable tags but printable wrapping paper as well! score right?
isn't the paper in this picture above super cute? well it's printable. no joke!
follow the link here to domestifluff and take a look around...they also matching tags if you like for everything to go together!
i love a variety of tag sizes...cause not all packages are the same size right? these printable tags above are so sweet and they were designed by kelli murrary.
check out the link here for the pdf.
 i just realized that i have sort of a pink theme going on..hmm...did not intend on doing...oh well i love pink...but i know not everyone does so stick with me..
i have more.
these printable tags created by lovevsdesign are so sweet.
they are made to look like hanging tags.
need them..want them...click here!
don't forget to check out some of their other designs...
i have to say...these were love at first site. the hand printed look of these sold me..not to mention how simple they are. you can add color with your ribbon or paper if you feel you need a splash.
they were designed by hey look and you can find the pdf here!
 i think Oliver would love the snowman tag. love the pops of color on these printable tags...i think i might have to use these this year. they were designed by sharon rowan and you can find them on her site..here.
 happy wrapping!!
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