*weekend recap*

saturday morning, we woke up (early) and all cuddled in our bed while watching "trains". i have to say, that is my favorite part of the weekend..just lying in bed with my two boys! all though most of the time..i get an elbow in the side, a toy in the stomach or as in this weekend's case...a nice slap in the face (all on accident of course). :)
 after our (semi) snuggle session was over..we all got ready. here is what i wore..i took a picture because last week, my aunt "handed down" those shoes! love me some cute hand-me downs! she couldn't use them anymore so i incorporated them into my shopping outfit! oh and they were so comfy! thank you as! 
after we were all cleaned up and ready to go...
b and Oliver took off to finish some Christmas shopping which gave me some time to do my own.
 i'm totally biased...but i think my boys are pretty darn cute!
and i love when b takes Oliver with him because that means it's my turn to receive the goodbye waves and those sweet kisses! 
see how they are blowing me kisses...
so every year, b and i get each other gifts for Christmas and every year we end up wrapping them all on the same night...just in different rooms. it's quite comical. 
we always (jokingly) accuse each other of peeking if the other one comes into the "top secret" wrapping zone. 
 this year i got the bedroom (so i could close the door), well i also got a little helper too.
i thought for sure i wouldn't get much completed but it turns out Oliver was very happy with my wrapping scraps and shopping bags. he collected the paper with glee and i got all of my presents wrapped! score!
after we got Oliver all settled for bed...i wrapped some other gifts that my sisters had sent for Oliver and then b and i put all the wrapped presents under the tree. we sat back and admired our beautiful Christmas tree. it's always so exciting to see the bottom of the tree surrounded by pretty presents. 
we still need to wrap Oliver's gifts from us but it's getting so exciting!! 
on Sunday morning, we baked Christmas cookies. this year, b and i decided to do two of our normal recipes and two new ones. well the first "new" one was a fail...on my part. the recipe called for 4 oz. of peppermint patties...i put in 1 pound...3.75 ounces....whoops! i totally did not catch the 1 in front of the 3.75! it wasn't until after we had baked two batches that we finally scratched our heads and b stepped in to look at the ingredients. what can i say? too much egg nog?
we did end up with a great batch of gorp and peppermint bark...yum!
 while we were baking..my friend Alyssa stopped by to give Oliver a Christmas gift. i had something small to give to her and she surprised me with a necklace from her new jewelry line called
Connie and Jack!
i love it!
so i want to give a little plug here...
her jewelry line is so new that her Etsy shop isn't opened yet...but once it does open..i will give you all the link!
now if you are in Atlanta...you are so lucky because they are being sold at
Virginia Highland location!
here is a picture she shared last Monday of the ones that were in the store...
aren't they awesome!! i love them all...and want them all! ;)
okay, back to the recap...Alyssa got Oliver this stuffed mustache man named Mr. Martini.
when we were at the ICE show last month, she picked him up for my sweet boy...and my sweet boy loves him! he slept with him last night and calls him mar-tin-in.
i had to include this photo too...he wanted Mr. Martini to be covered up in his special blanket...his mommy's old childhood blanket that is. every night when i tuck him into bed and i pull this blanket up to his shoulders, he says..mommy's blanket. love. that.
before bed last night, we had a little family movie time. Oliver doesn't watch much tv during the day..it's maybe 45 minutes at the most so this was a littl new.
he's never seen toy story...so we were curious to see what his reaction would be.
he sat like this for at least 20 minutes. he was SO into the movie and the talking toys! ha!
we didn't finish the movie but we now know what to pull out when a little movie time is needed!
one last photo of the weekend...
my boy putting his bear hat on...he cracks me up!
Happy Monday!
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