*wish list*

every year, i go into the holidays with some things that i'd like for Christmas...and every year i end up forgetting most of those items when out shopping or asked by others.
this year, i decided to put together a fun little "wish" list.
now i know there are items on this list that are really pushing it...ahem...number 3...but i wanted to include them any way.
after all, it's just for fun.
1. i have been using the same two purses since Oliver came home and they are getting pretty worn out. it's like sharing spaces...but i'm actually sharing my purse.
i'd like to get something a little more stylish then what i have right now but i need to keep
it big enough in order to hold sippy cups, diapers, wipes, my wallet and the list goes on.
this Free People tote would be perfect with the extra little bags.
Oliver could have his compartment and i could have mine!  
2. with our house going on the market after the first of the year, i have been looking at new artwork. it will be so fun to add some new pieces to our collection.
i have been holding on to this owl print for a long time.
the colors are perfect and so me!
it would fit in very nicely with all the other bird prints we already have or would be stunning by itself.
3. this is an item that is really more of a wish. i have a small point and shoot Canon camera and it still works good but i don't use it as much because the screen is so tiny. i tend to use my cellphone but lately i've been so annoyed because i can't capture the types of photos i would like to have. especially ones of Oliver, he is a very active little guy and doesn't stop for the camera. so i have to get creative in order to get a picture that is a. not blurry b. Oliver is actually looking at the camera and c. it's decent lighting...like being near a window or outside. 
my friend, Kris recommended this Canon camera when i asked her.
see i adore her photography (i've told her many times she needs to sell her photos...they are beautiful!) and of course...trust her advise.  
one day...i will have a great camera and hopefully will be able to take beautiful pictures of the things i want.
4. every year, my sisters and i do a present swap and more recently we've been choosing themes. last year was beauty products and this year we chose accessories. i was really excited about this years theme. i actually went a little over board with ideas for them to choose from. what can i say...i love accessories!
 this necklace was one of the ideas i sent them. i love how dainty it is and how perfect it would go with my every day outfit. the white grey star is what i love most about this necklace.
i love that it's not an all silver necklace and it will easily pop against a top or your skin.
5. i've been telling b for years that i want a new winter coat and each year goes by with no new winter coat. it's not because i can't get one, it's because i can never find one that i really want. my current winter coat is a black wool button down from over 10 years ago. i've always loved the cut but have been ready for something new. this year, i told b...enough is enough. i had to have a new winter coat for my Christmas present. i searched and searched and fell in love with two coats...two!
i pondered over them for three days and then finally e-mailed them to my friend, Alyssa and asked her for her opinion...she chose the one i was leaning towards which only confirmed that i needed to get that coat!
so i did it...i ordered a new winter coat for Christmas!
i guess you could say this is one item that can be "crossed" off the list.
so there is my list...what's on yours?

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