inch by inch

over the weekend, i asked b to take me to West Elm. i really wanted to just get out of the house and look at some fun accessories. i can always count on w.e.!
we picked up this cute little white inch worm...not really have a specific place in mind for it...i knew i'd find one once we got home.
every time O sees it, he points and says "m"?
close buddy..close. :)
next to the stack of mags with our new little worm sitting on top is a favorite of mine.
b gave me this white and antiqued brass owl for Christmas and i have to say it was an unexpected gift that i instantly fell in love with. i love how it opens in the middle giving me a little hiding space for rings etc.
my dresser is simple but i like it that way. i like organization and for things to have their own homes like my jewelry. that dish next to the gray owl is always in use...there is always either a pair of earrings, a necklace or a ring with bunches of clips and bobby pins in it.
and they are typically items i wear on a daily basis so they never get put back in my jewelry drawer.
the top of my dresser has always been an eye sore to me because we have a tv on top of it.
luckily it's a white flat screen. still, i've had a hard time getting things to look right next to that tv but i'm starting to like the direction it's going finally. 
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