new year = change

this year will bring some changes to our little family.

i'm excited about them and nervous at the same time. we won't have control over some things and we will have to trust that certain things were meant to be...but we are ready to take that leap.
last year, b and i talked and talked and talked....and talked some more about the changes that needed to take place this year. we made mental notes of all those items hoping we will be able to achieve them this year.

fingers crossed...


the first item on our list is...

 finding a new home.

this means we will be putting our current (and first) home (back) on the market.
you may remember we had our house on the market in the fall of 2011 and into the spring of 2012.
 we actually took the house off the market less then a month before Oliver came home.

finding a new home before Oliver came just wasn't in the cards last year and we were okay with that..but we knew in the back of our minds that our 1300 square foot home would become a little crowded once Oliver got adjusted...and our little man is pretty darn adjusted.

there isn't a room in our house that doesn't have a lego, truck, train or book laying on the floor...and i am okay with that but we would like to find a house that is bigger for many reasons other then just for Oliver and his toys.
we love having our family come visit us but right now, we do not have any rooms for them to stay in.
big bummer.
 we would also love to throw more parties and not just in the summer.
i have to admit..i was pretty bummed this year.
i really wanted to throw a cookie party with our friends. you know the fun ones where there are billions of cookies and candies and a fun hot cocoa bar and people get to mingle and have fun. can't really do that in our tiny home.
we would also like to have the extra space if we do decide down the road to grow our family...or if i want to get back into making things.
so a new house is first on our agenda.
you would think that having our house on the market just last year, our list of things to do before being listed would be short...

nope. it's not.
big sad face.
 in less then one year, walls have been scuffed, floors have mysteriously stained, 
handles have become worn...and so on. it's amazing what a year can do to a house!
i have to be honest as excited as i am about finding a new home..i am so not looking forward to the process.
first off, i'm pretty picky about houses and with this being our second home..i know i do not want a remodel...not with a toddler and a traveling husband.
that equals a big fat...no fun. 
i also don't want to go broke on our second house...which brings me to our second/third change...
oh wait...sorry i'm getting off track so that will be for another post...
the thought of showing our house with Oliver (and his toy tornadoes) makes me instantly start to sweat. i am the type of person who thinks my house should appear like a show room. no i don't light a candle or play music..but i do mop, sweep, dust and fluff before every showing.
i don't leave garbage cans full or things on the counter, i don't run the dishwasher or dryer while i have a showing. everything is picked up, things are placed where they should and the house is misted with a light scent.
last year, i could put the dogs in the car with the windows down and clean the house with no worries...except making sure i got out of the house in time.
so as you can see...i'm not looking forward to this go around.
i believe this is our year to move and i do believe we will find a new home.
i believe it will all work out according to God's plan.
so let the for sale sign go up...
in two months.

and if you think about it...
say a little prayer for me with the showings!

thanks friend. 
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