weekend recap

on Saturday, the four of us ventured out into the ca-ca-cold weather for a morning walk. 
we knew it was chilly but didn't realize it was double the layer type weather. the path was all frosted over so we had to slide our feet to keep from slipping. i will say...i didn't slip at all...but someone else wasn't as good walking on the frost....ahem...
luckily the sun came out towards the end of our walk to give us a little warmth. 
after we put Oliver down for his nap, i snuck out for a little alone time. 
i went to Stanton Home Furnishings. this week is his annual big blow out sale where he marks down everything in the store. i had two missions, see what my clients had bought on Friday and to look to see if there was anything for my other client who was sick at home.
 of course, i wasn't surprised to see so many items were already sold. 
they do go really quick...but there were still some great pieces...like these chairs...
i love their sleek lines and wish i had a place for them.
i ended up sending my client a bunch of pictures. one of them was this great gray linen ottoman that i thought would be great for her family room. 
 and it's not the best of pictures but i also sent her this tufted sofa as an option for one of her rooms. 
it's always been a favorite of mine. 
i was happy to see my client's chose a great chocolate linen sofa along with a oatmeal colored chair for their living room that will get a lot more use once the kitchen remodel is complete. more on that later. 
Saturday night, we met up with our old neighbors (and good friends) for some dinner in Dunwoody.
O and A have been friends from day one. they really are two peas in a pod. Susan (A's mommy) and I couldn't stop talking about how big they are getting and how fun it is to see how different they interact every time we get together. they were both chatter boxes and kept each other entertained the whole two hours we were there. yeah, i said two hours. it was the slowest service ever...
on Sunday, we went for another walk. this time it was a little warmer and less layers were needed. after we got home from our walk. b did a home depot run and me and O did a "bucks" run. 
once b got back, O and i hung out in the back of the car under a blanket while b mulched 
the front of the house.
you wouldn't think of mulching in February would you? well with the house going on the market next month..it's needed. i am waiting a couple more weeks before doing any hanging baskets. actually, i'm not even sure there will be flowers available this early to do hanging baskets but i'm sure i'll find something to help give the house a little softness. 
with the weather warming up a tad, O wanted to drive his car. 
with all the rain we've been getting, we haven't been outdoors much....
and it looks like this week will have a lot of indoor activities again. boo!
Sunday afternoon left me feeling a little under the weather. 
so i stayed on the sofa, under the covers with my laptop. 
Ardie checked up on me to make sure i was doing alright. ;) 
love my girl.
after O got up from his nap, he did a little snuggling....and then off he went to play with
thomas, percy and james. 
his best buds of course. 

something i didn't photograph was these adorable pants we picked up for O on Saturday...along with these fun loafers
can't wait for him to wear them this spring!

so that was our weekend...how was yours?  
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