11 months

can you believe we are at the 11 month mark? it's crazy! 
so much has been happening and there is so much to share about my boy...
but really there isn't enough time...
so how about i share 11 things that i love about him...

1. i love how he says okey dokey smokey and uh oh spaghettios! it kills me every time! 
oh and umbrella..ah..it's the best! 
2. he knows his first and last name (Ah-wiver Kwemons). 
he also knows that A is for Appa and Ardie, M is for Mommy AND this is the best...
he knows that Mommy, Appa, and Ardie are his family. love. this!
3. he likes to give hugs and kisses and will ask Appa for them.
when he wants one from me, he asks me to give him "big" hug. 
he doesn't just give them to me and b though...now he wants to give them to Ardie 
before he goes down for a nap. 
it's the sweetest thing and makes me feel all warm inside knowing my boy is finally showing 
affection to Arden!
4. he counts to 12! 
he loves to count things...any thing. 
we will be driving and all the sudden he will start counting houses or cars. 
he will say "Ah-wiver count houses?!"
5. he loves when i sit in his room and play with him and thinks it's so funny when someone lays in his bed.
there are two pair of heart glasses that i got him for Valentines, one pink and the other red. one day, i told him that i liked the red ones and so from that day forward any time we play, 
he gives me the red glasses and he takes the pink.  :) 
6. when he wakes up, he greets us at the door and says in his sleepy voice "hi mommy (or hi appa)." while carrying his pillow and his stuffed animal. 
7. he loves to try to put on his clothes now but he really loves to zip his clothes. 
when he zips, i sing him the zip-a-dee-doo-dah song. he loves it! 
once he finishes zipping and i finishing signing, 
we both yell "yay" and clap our hands. 
some times he will bounce his head back in forth with a huge smile while i sing and he zips. 
that. is. the. best!
8. he has started imaginary play. it is the cutest thing to watch. he likes to make food and have you eat or drink it. he also likes to sit in a chair with you and pretend it's a tractor or a digger. 
9. he now does "squishy" face and it's the funniest thing! 
10. when there is a specific food he likes to eat, he will get all excited and say "mmm, like it!" 
"it's goooood" (in a high pitch voice)
11. when he swings at the park, he says "weeeee" and puts his arms in the air. this is coming from a little boy who did not like to swing when he first came home. i love seeing his huge smile when he swings. tugs at my heart strings! 

so there is a super quick update on our little guy. 
i will have to sit down once the whole house selling/buying has died down and really write out everything Oliver is doing. it's amazing to see how different he is now then when he first came home and boy is he growing! he's quickly leaving 18-24m pants and moving on up to 2t..he's got some long legs all of the sudden.

Happy 11 months home my sweet boy!! 
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