finding time...for everything.

with our house on the market and trying to find a (decent) new home (everything is selling so fast!) not to mention taking care of my design projects, Oliver, our  house and our daily activities...i am feeling a little pressed for time and sort of like i am living in a dream state.
ever feel that way?

first off, let me say that i am not unhappy with our present situation...not at all.
i am very very grateful that our house is under contract! 
yep..that's what i said...under contract!!
thank you so much lord for the oh so quick process (so far)! 
we are currently in the 14 day due diligence period so we are just waiting for the inspection (which is this Thursday) to pass. i am praying all goes well with that. this also means that our house is not technically "off the market" or sold so we can still have showings during this time. 
 so fingers crossed everything goes well!!

 oh and since our house is under contract this means that b and i have to find a new house. 
we would like one to be bigger then our current 1300 square foot situation. 
we would also like it to have at least 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. 
the problem is finding this has been hard. 
a lot of the houses around here in our price range are small.
they may have the 3 bedrooms and 2 baths but boy do they feel exactly like our house feels now...
just with another bath! 
if we do find a house online that looks promising..most of the time the house is already sold and just hasn't been removed or it's already under contract. 
insert sad face.
it's a good thing that houses are selling so fast though (ahem..ours particularly). 
my realtor told me yesterday about a house she just listed that sold in a day....A DAY people! 
so as you can see..that makes it a wee difficult to find a new house. 

 i know this will all work out.
 i know God has a plan for us as he always has and we just need to be patient....
there is that word again..patient. it's one that i have been trying to work on for a looooong time. 
you would think that i have mastered it by now but in all honesty..i haven't. 
i may just be a little bit better at it then before. 

i also think we are not as patient because we know there is a deadline..
we need to find our new house before the middle of April so that we can move out of here
 before the end of May.

so come on new house...show your face...please! ;)

okay..enough about the house situation...let's talk about my little guy for a minute.
he has been taking the whole house situation (i know back on that again...just for a second) so well. 
he enjoys looking at new ones with me and most of the time minds his manners...most of the time. 
he knows we are looking for a new house to move to and i talk to him all the time about moving into a new house where he will have a new room...and he gets excited...so i am hoping this is a positive sign that the transition will be some what smooth. 
he has also been a pretty happy guy....
you were waiting for that weren't you?

he's not napping.
 he is fighting it big time.
 like almost every day now. 
this momma is NOT ready to give up on naps. 
he has also been waking up a lot at night (uh...maybe because naps are still needed?)
and getting out of his bed. 
we are not sure why the sudden change in his sleeping habits (house situation? age?)
 but it creates stress and some times it creates a cranky little boy...
and cranky parents. 

i am hoping it's just a phase that we are going through and i am trying to keep his routine as normal as possible so that he doesn't feel "off"...but it hasn't been the easiest. 
i know that all this also adds to the stress of finding a new home...
my little guy needs his normal routine back 
i think he's getting ready to potty train too...

so let's say it all together shall we...

oh new house...come out...come out..where ever you are!! 

on top of everything, i am trying to balance my design projects and not let the whole house situation interfere with the progress of each of them.  
 i've been working at night and on the weekends in order to get them done on time. 
i think the hardest part is having to pack up my drawings, computer and supplies every day in order to keep the house cleaned up...you know just in case we have a showing. 
that has been a bit of a drag and adds a little more time to getting back to each project...but it's manageable.  

i haven't been on facebook or instagram much and really haven't been reading blogs that i love...
we haven't really done anything fun on the weekends since my sister Jenny was here....
i know..i know..
we have a lot going on. it's true. 

i hope you all don't feel like i am complaining because i am not...
i am just...
explaining why i am feeling a little off my game lately. 

i know the dust will settle eventually
that beautiful new house will be standing in front of us...
so until then i am forging ahead..spinning head and all! :) 

Happy Tuesday!
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