a hard decision

this is our new front door..well technically...it's not new. i am sure it's from the 80's when the house was built...but it's at our new house so let us call it "new". 
as you can see the hardware has seen better days, the numbers are pretty much the same color as the door and the lion knocker is a tad on the freaky side. 

seriously, doesn't this remind you of Ebenezer Scrooge's door knocker?

we plan on changing out the locks after we take possession of it next week and i would like to get a new knocker and numbers to freshen the door up a bit.
 i am sure i will give it a new coat of paint in the near future as well... 
so i've been racking my brain on what hardware i want to use though.
i know this door won't be our front door forever because i really am not a fan. 
i would rather have something that is a bit more decorative and open.
so i know the hardware that i choose now will need to look good on the future new door. 

speaking of future doors...i have a mad crush on this door.
 i think i've pinned this a dozen times!
 i am sure this door is custom and way out of the budget but i love it. 

if i had to choose a door style right now that was actually in our budget....
i would probably say this...or

can you tell...i have a thing for blue doors? 
even though my current front door is blue...i still adore the look. :)

so here is what i am stuck on...i am a simple gal..i don't like things that are too frilly..just simple..but not boring. i like clean lines and based on my search...the choices for front door hardware are not as simple as i would like them to be. i also am stuck on the finish. i like the look of the (first) blue door with a black/oil rubbed bronze finish but i also love the look of the polished nickle hardware in the picture above.
i really can't decide. 

luckily, my contractor knows a guy who can hopefully help me. 
he runs a hardware company here in Atlanta and will come to your house with his catalogs and samples. 
free of charge!
 based on your selections, he will order what you need AND once all the hardware comes in, he will then deliver it to your house and even install all of it! 
how cool is that? 

i hope to get an appointment with him next week....wish me luck! 

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