let there be light..

on Saturday, b and i decided we would venture up to the outlets and see if we could score some deals from the Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn stores. it's about an hour away from us so we were hoping that we would at least come back with a few light fixtures, maybe a piece of furniture that we couldn't live without...something. 
instead we found nothing. 
well..wait..not nothing..
we did score some shirts from Gap...but of course that has nothing to do with the house.
we were a little bummed but not surprised. usually when we are looking for specifics in a store, they are no where to be found. it's always when we are not looking do we find something we love.
so we drove the hour back home, put Oliver down for his nap and just relaxed.

after nap, we drove to our local antique store to take a look around. 
we hadn't been there in quite a long time so we thought it would be fun to see what was new. 
little did we know, there was a light fixture in the store just waiting for us to spot it! 
i knew as soon as i saw it that it would be perfect for our dining room. 
it's a dark brown -blackish metal industrial fixture with a white underside. 
it's actually quite large, around 3' wide.
the best part was that the booth it was in just so happened to be having a 20% off sale. 
now that is a score!
i can't wait to see it hanging!

so let's talk new house for a second...heck..let's talk longer then that..it's the new house right?!
specifically..the dining area where this new fixture will hang.

in the new house, there are two dining areas...which is new to us because we currently have an eat in kitchen where our dining table and chairs are located. 

the two areas are...a small breakfast "nook" in the kitchen and a "formal" dining room. 
well not really formal since we aren't formal people...but an actual room just for the dining table. 
how does that sound?

i love our current table and chairs...but i am really not a big fan of the stain on the table. i love the style of the table more. i also really love our metal chairs. it took me a long time to decide what chairs to use with this table and i love how the metal tones down the redness in the stain.....BUT...i would like to change all that. 

i would like to use our metal chairs in the new breakfast area (located in the kitchen). we still need to get a small table for breakfast room (eyeing a few options). i love the idea of those metal chairs in my future gray and white kitchen. mmm...
so what does that mean for the lonely dining table? well i'd like to eventually get four 
new black (replica) eames chairs like these below... 
i love the stark contrast they give the wooden table.
 i know that is what my red-ish table needs so that it's toned down...but i am also thinking in the future,
 i can have the table sanded down and stained a lighter. 
that will be sa-weet. until then..i think the new light fixture is going to look pretty darn good with our table in it's new "smancy" room!
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