Easter weekend

what a weekend! we had beautiful weather on Saturday so we took advantage of it! 
 b and i decided to do a little Easter egg hunt in our backyard since we had spent the morning shopping for the new house (more on that later!). 
we filled about 20 or so plastic eggs with jelly beans (like 1-3 beans per egg) and then i hide them in the backyard while Oliver was napping (i forgot how fun it was to hide eggs!).
 as soon as he woke up, we informed him there were candy filled eggs in the backyard. it took him a minute or two to process what we had told him. i mentioned he would use a basket to put the eggs in and while b was getting him dressed, Oliver started to empty out one of his really large plastic bins. at first we weren't sure why he was doing this but then we had to laugh. 
such a smart lad...i don't think there were enough eggs to fill that large bin! ha! 
all we had to tell him was find the eggs and put them in your basket. 
that is exactly what he did along with a huge smile and an excited giggle. 
after he figured out what was inside the eggs, Oliver proceeded to open every single one
 and eat every single bean. :)
at one point, we had to slow him down...
because he had a mouth full! :)
side note: you might notice Oliver's "shaggy" do. he was supposed to get his haircut last Thursday
 but his stylist hurt her back and had to cancel. 
my boys...they are both happy here...just one still had a mouth full of beans. 
i think Arden was wondering where her eggs were.  
on Easter morning, Oliver decided to sleep in. 
it was crazy! our normal early riser slept in until almost 9!
once he woke up, we told him there was an Easter surprise in the living room and his eyes lit up!
he was so excited about everything, of course he loved his Thomas book and his new "tow truck". 
after looking at all the loot..
b made us breakfast and then we all hurried to get ready for church. 
this was our first time back to church since last May.
i know...crazy right? 
both b and i have been very hesitant to take Oliver to church for a lot of reasons. 
one: he doesn't do well when we leave him with strangers...uh...don't blame him. 
so that meant no staying in the nursery during service. 
two: he likes to talk...a lot and isn't the best about being quiet for long. 
three: he is so squirmy. moving all around and up and down. 
i made sure to bring a bunch of his new books and toys and b made him a snack cup in 
hopes of keeping him preoccupied. we knew in the back of our minds that we might have to leave early if he
starts to show signs of wanting to be done. 
so what happened? 
these pictures were taken AFTER church! :)
we were so so happy with how well Oliver did! 
he was such a good boy. he talked a little but kept his voice to a whisper.
he was squirmy and after about 45 minutes, he was bored but he DID make it through the whole service! 
so proud of him!
the rest of the day, we just took it easy.

how was your Easter weekend? 
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