one year ago today...

we became a family of three. 

what a year it's been. i still feel like it has not been a year yet...it can't be right? 
 time has really gone by so fast. 

our 20 month old is now 32 months old and a full on little boy. 
we are so so very blessed.
God created the perfect little boy for us and we couldn't be happier! 

we are taking the day to reflect and celebrate our year as a family!

if you are interested in seeing our family finally uniting..
you can see the amazing video that Simple Color created 
for us here.
if you still want more from that day, you can read the post i wrote about that special night here...
but i will prewarn you...there are no pictures. 
they are no longer with the post thanks to the huge blogger mess up i had last year. 
boo...but you can still read about the day. :)

hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

*pictures taken by our dear friend, Michael*
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