weekend recap

Thursday evening..Oliver got his much needed haircut. it's crazy how little kids looks so different after a haircut. i swear my boy aged a year after getting an inch chopped off. 
he did so well in the chair/car and did not wiggle once. Debby the lady who cuts his hair was able to even get the clippers out and trim his neck hair. Yahoo! no one wants neck hair. after his appointment, we took him to "Bucks" and let him pick out a cake pop. of course, he picked chocolate...he is so b's son! ;)
speaking of b and son...
i captured this picture of my boys walking back to the car and i think it's one of my new favorites. 
pure sweetness!

that night, b made dinner while Oliver and i played with his heart and bug glasses. 
my boy seriously cracks me up with his silliness. 
a lot of times, he's not even trying. look at that little bug tongue! 
love him!
(by the way...i know Thursday is not considered the weekend but it was for us 
since b took Friday off.)
Friday morning, we took O out to breakfast. 
it was our First Family Day! 
we went to one of our favorites. of course.
they serve mammoth style pancakes which b loves.
as much as i wanted to order a big plate of french toast or waffles...
i have been trying to figure out a new meal plan for myself and my health, so i stayed away from all the gluten and went with eggs, turkey bacon and a bowl of fruit. it was just as good. ;)
Oliver got his own plate similar to mine but with toast and yes...he ate it all. there was nothing left after he was done. he really does love to eat and when he's super hungry...he will eat and eat and eat. 
we are truly blessed to have such a great eater. honestly, he will try pretty much anything we give him. he does let us know if he likes it or not. 
after breakfast, we headed north of the city to a train museum. one of us is a fanatic about trains and we thought it would be a great place to visit. the weather was nice but a little chilly, luckily we brought coats just in case. there were a ton of trains to see and a huge building that you could visit with more trains and a store but we decided to do the train ride first and then look around. 
Oliver was SUPER happy about riding a train. even though the train ride was a whole 8 minutes long. seriously, it was probably the shortest ride we've ever been on...but you see that smile? 
it didn't matter. he loved it! 
after the ride, we started to walk around so that Oliver could see and touch the trains.
um..that did not go well. 
Oliver instantly became afraid of the trains.
 he wanted to be in one of our arms the entire time.
he was so afraid of the trains, we had to put his hood up and shield his eyes. 
it made me sad to see him so afraid of something he loves. 
i know it's age and i know that there will be a time where he will run up to the train all by himself.
 i just hated seeing those tears and that scared look on his face!
breaks my heart. 

after the train museum, we came home and had lunch then put Oliver down for a nap. 
b and i decided to take a nap ourselves and wow..that was so nice!
happy family day to us too! ;) 
after we got O up from his nap, we gave him his special present. 
this Pororo police car.
 it's an item that was bought in Korea by our friends who went two years ago when they picked up their daughter. we actually have quite a few items from Korea saved for Oliver. they were bought by a bunch of our friends who traveled to Korea and were so sweet to bring back items for us. 
we plan to save the items for special occasions like our Family Day. 
i don't think he was excited enough about it...do you? 
we ended the night with our favorite pizza place and ice cream. yum!
Saturday, i went with my friend, Alyssa to the Scotts Antique Market
i was looking for lighting and some other items for the new house but ended up coming home with this..
a gray Jenny Lind bed (i did not purchase the items inside the bed) for Oliver's new room. 
it was a steal...really i could  not pass it up.
 i don't think i will keep the bed gray though. i am thinking darker but we will see. 
i still had the shopping bug in me so once i got home, i told b and he took us to Ikea to look around.
we found some things that we might need for the new house, like this black light fixture. i think this would look great in O's new room but i kind of have my heart set on something more unique.
i really love the Pax closets from Ikea. 
they help keep your clothes and shoes so organized...and if you know me..
you know i love me some organization!
we have these units in our master bedroom right now and it's been a dream. 
once we move to the new house though...it's back to standard closets.
so we hope to fit two of these into the new closet...fingers crossed!
Sunday was all about client meetings. i was in client meetings from 1 until 5. 
one project is in the demo process (existing kitchen) and the other project is new construction so it was a nice switch to go from one meeting to another. they are both moving along pretty quickly with lots of things to do on my part so i am hoping to get some time to do those things this week...along with starting to pack! 

it will be a fun week for sure!

hope your weekend was wonderful! 
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