update on new house

our new house - a peek at the front door
i thought i would update on the house situation since there has been
a lot of activity with both houses.
last Friday, we had an inspection on the new house.
our inspector was really nice and very informative.
we found out that the house was in great condition...but the furnace and ac were not.
they are both old and will need to be replaced pretty soon.
 really we didn't want to have to replace these types of items
(i don't think anyone really wants to) 
because they are pretty costly but it's a necessity so they were added to the to do list.
adding these items to the list only meant that other items had to come off. 
that kinda sucked.
there were other issues like repair the hot water heater, add gfci outlets to kitchens and baths,
smoke detectors and so on.
luckily on Monday, we found out that the seller is going to pay for some of the repairs
(not all...but some). 
i know b and i were a little unhappy about having to cough up the money for such expensive items but in the long run, we know that it's for the better.
on Saturday, we went to Lowes to check out prices on things like a new washer and dryer, a garage door opener (never owned one of these!), smoke detectors and motion detectors. these aren't exciting things but it did help us feel like the whole process was real.
i think once this next step is over...it will FINALLY feel like it's going to happen.
our "old" house was appraised today.
i think this is the most stressful part of all the process.
having someone come into your house and tell you what he thinks it's worth kind of freaks me out. you can either get a really nice appraisal...or a really crappy one.
i am praying for the first one.
i am hoping we will hear by tomorrow or the following day.
after that...our new house will need to be appraised.
i think that will probably be the end of this week or some time next week.
if all goes well...
we still hope to close on both houses at the end of the month.
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