*off to a great start*

{we started off with some scrumptious cinnamon coffee cake...made in my favorite bundt pan...along with fresh vanilla lattes from "bucks"....yum...birthday breakfast of choice!}

{b and i decorated our dining room on saturday for the big event...i created ruffled crepe paper streamers..and these flowers on a stick...he blew up the itty bitty balloons in wonderful spring like colors...}
{i made the "3's" with the same way i did the "love" sign...}
{we had fun decorating..can you tell...lol. i got a ton of birthday cards in the mail...balloons from my younger sister's family and my dad...opened my awesome gifts from b (one of the gifts he got me was the book...The Time Traveler's Wife...can not wait to start reading this!)....i got to talk to my many relatives on the phone...}
{b and i went to Stone Mountain Park near our house and walked our 5 miles around the mountain...i couldn't have asked for a better day...it was sunny and breezy and just perfect! we came home and had a nice lunch and then later...we celebrated more with the German Chocolate cupcakes b made me....this cake was the cake of choice for my birthday growing up! he bought these fun glittery 3 candles for me to make a wish on....i think you all know what my wish was...has to do with something little. ;) so...so far..we are off to a great start on year 33...i hope it just gets better from here on out! thanks for ALL the birthday wishes!! hope you all had a great weekend too!}

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