weekend recap

 O got a pair of plaid "summer" shoes a couple weekends ago and we haven't had nice enough weather for him to wear them until last Friday. 
the weather this weekend was beautiful. 
we took advantage of that nice weather and went for a walk on Saturday morning.
it was so nice. the perfect Spring day. 
after our walk, we decided to go by the new house and just see what the neighborhood 
looked like now that things are really blooming. 
seeing all the beautiful trees in our new neighborhood and people working in their yards
 made us so excited to move! 
(soon...very soon!)
we drove around the new neighborhood for awhile talking about where we could go for walks, how different it would be to live in an area that was by a university and we drove Oliver by his future school. he is so excited to get to go to school and he always asks if he will get to talk to the teacher.
 i don't know why he asks this...but i think it's pretty funny. 
Oliver's new school is actually located right behind our house. there is a house behind ours, then the road and then the school. there is no direct path from the school to our house so we will have to walk around the block to get to it but we can see the school from our upstairs bathroom. 
i love that. 
that night, we met up with our good friends who we hadn't seen in almost two months. 
crazy how selling a house and holidays can take up so much time. 
as always, we had a great time. getting together with them is like visiting with family.
 the conversation never gets dull, it never stops and we never want to leave 
but have to because the littles need to get to bed. 
before we went our separate ways, we stopped at a cookie store.
 i think O and A were excited to get a cookie...
just a little..
the sugar made for some silly and very sweet pictures.
side note: almost a year ago this month, these two met.
 can you believe it? 
it was on April 22nd and Oliver had only been home for 10 days.
gah! i can't believe it's gone this fast.
 i remember that day and feeling so nervous for them to meet. 
i didn't need to worry though because they became instant friends. 

i just have to share their first picture together....
here it is... 
aren't they cute?!
they were just babies!! :(
and...here is a close up of them now....sigh.
time goes so fast.
i seriously love how sweet Oliver is with A.
 it's so cute to watch them together. 
and to see Oliver show off in front of A. he-he...
 he's always making sure she is noticing just how cool he is.  ;)
on Sunday morning, we went to church and i think i took about 30 pictures...

we had picked up a couple new items for O to wear since he's going through a growth spurt 
and his shirts and pants are getting too small. 

another side note: i am SOOOO excited to say goodbye to these damn floors! yippeee!! 

i loved this new shirt on him. 
i paired it with the bow tie that i bought before Christmas and 
i thought he looked so stinking cute in it!

my little gentleman.
after church, i met with one of my clients. 
she is building a new home and i have been helping her with cabinetry, paint, lighting and more. 
it's been a lot of fun and we are finally getting to the exciting part...seeing it all come together! 
hopefully i'll have more pictures as the weeks progress...they are moving fast! 

oh and over the weekend...
i got 4.5" cut off!!
 i was SO over my long hair. 
as pretty as it was when i curled it...it was getting on my nerves!
it felt brittle, it was hard to brush, i was finding hair everywhere, it was getting caught in everything 
and being accidentally yanked by little hands and my purse strings!
i can't tell you how great it felt to get it cut.
 i am still getting used to styling it but it feels...soooo....good. 

hope you all had a great weekend!

Happy Monday!
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