i had to take photos of my mother's day flowers that b and O gave me. 
they were mostly closed up when i got them on Sunday but today, 
they were open and just amazing!

 i wish i could have a yard filled with them! 

after i took a couple shots of the flowers, i called O over to come and see the flowers.
 i love capturing him experiencing something new. 
he's never really held a flower or touched a flower like this. 
it was sweet...he smelled one then he would touch a flower then two at a time, bend down and look at the water, come back up and smell the flowers again. 

there are days where my little guy looks so grown up to me and then there are moments like this above
 when i am able to freeze time and soak up the baby-ness that is still left. 
i will desperately miss those chubby cheeks when they are gone. 

my sweet boy has stolen my heart. 

gosh i love this boy so!

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