made to be a boy's momma

the other day at the new house, i had a couple of back to back appointments. There was the painter, then the contractor and then the countertop guy. so that mean O was there too. the flooring guys were working on the second floor and it was loud. there was an air gun, a compressor, a belt sander and lots of loud pounding going on which scared Oliver. he was really upset, very clingy and wanted to go home. so i tried to distract him while we waited for our appointments. 

there were little scrap pieces of hardwood laying around so i had O gather a bunch and we went to the only room that didn't have anyone working in it, the dining room. i had him line them up like a choo choo train and after awhile i had him stack the pieces of wood. when he got bored i then asked him to set them up on their side. O knocked a piece over which resulted in a domino effect...the rest all fell down. at first O was really upset and kept saying "oh no..oh NO!' over and over. he was really struggling with the noise and wanted to go home. sweet boy....but we had to stay. 

after i set them back up, i purposely knocked them down and said see..it's so fun! this got his attention and after a couple times of me setting them up for him to knock them right back down..i was getting giggles and "yays!". when the domino game wore off...he was back to being afraid of everything.

i had one more meeting left... so i built him a "ramp" with a "track" and pulled out a monster truck that i had stored in my purse. 
O squealed with delight and played with this until we had to go home for lunch. 

as O was playing with my handy contraption, i thought to myself with a big smile...
i am was made to be this boy's momma! 
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