friday foto


 i will say i dreaded this week...i really did. 

last Sunday night, i told b that i was really dreading the upcoming week. 
i think i even had a tear or two. 


he was leaving the following morning for a business trip and wouldn't be coming home 
until late Friday night. 


it's not fun when he leaves. 

seriously people, my hat goes off to all the single parents in the world...
 it's hard work.

this week was packed with a million things to do. 

 the new house

 a preschool for Oliver in the fall

 both of my design jobs (which are forging ahead as we speak!)


...and the list goes on.

but you know what...

we did it! 

we made it through the week!

this adorable little guy was my side kick the entire time...

and that smile rarely faded. 

i am exhausted...but it was one of the best weeks O and i have had together and 

honestly, that is the best Mother's Day gift i could ever ask for. 

love that little man of mine!

Happy Friday and 

a very Happy Mother's Day to all the moms!! 
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