out with the old...in with the..framing.

there has been a lot of work done at the new house this week and tons more scheduled for this weekend.
 it's getting really exciting my friends. all most all the flooring was removed except for the two bathrooms. that means the stairs were finally uncovered...
and let me tell you...we were so happy to see what was under that carpet runner!!
beautiful wood that just needs to be cleaned, sanded and stained! 
no need to replace these treads! 
a huge sigh of relief because that means a little money put back in our pockets..
well not necessarily...it's probably already going towards some other item that was added to the list
 this week. that is one of the dangers of remodeling...the cost can quickly increase if you are not careful!
in the kitchen/breakfast room, the floors were removed. 
so were the doors and the interior cabinets and rough ins for this old washer/dryer closet. 
this space is going to get a little bit of a face lift. the surround is going to be removed and our contractor is going to give this "closet" a drywall opening. that way down the road, we can have our cabinet guy build us a  "butler's pantry". for now though, we will probably put a nice piece of furniture in there for kitchen storage. 
next to the kitchen, this master vanity room was transformed...
the vanity was removed, along with the mirror and the cased opening to the shower room.
 this will be our future powder room! 
you see my little guy's bum there..he's my inspector...always checking every little thing out! 
love that i can expose him to the remodeling aspect of our new home. 
it's what i do and he gets to see it transform in front of him. 
his reaction every time we go over to the house is "wow!!" "look at that!!"
love him! 
the upstairs rooms were cleared of dirty, nasty carpet! hooray! 
this room above will be the guest/office room...or in other words my work room. 
this is Oliver's room. i am planning on making one of his closets a reading nook. he's a reader and LOVES his books. i asked him if he'd want a reading nook and with a jump in the air he said "YEAH!!"
 i'm so excited about his room and how much more space he will have! 
another change was this hall closet...
as you can see, it was the linen closet...well that has changed...
we took the wall down that divided the guest room closet and the linen 
closet to build a new laundry "room". 
there is still plenty of room for the guest closet and it still a walk in so we aren't worried about 
taking too much room for the new laundry space.
the laundry room will have a cute little white octagon tiled floor with a stacked washer and dryer and hopefully some simple storage.
 i am actually really excited about this small space. 
i need to find wall sconces for this room because there is a bizarre attic access (like 15" x 15" wide) in the ceiling of this room so we can not add a ceiling fixture. 
i hope to find some fun sconces to dress this little space up! 

over the weekend, the plumbing and electrical rough-ins are going to be placed and the hardwood floor will be installed. i can NOT wait to see the floor go in. what a difference it's going to make! 
on Monday, i will meet with the countertop fabricator to discuss our kitchen face lift. 
hope to share that with you all next week! 

eek...totally jumping out of my skin with excitement!  

Happy Thursday! 
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