let the fun begin!

my boys in the living room - minus the nasty carpet!
yesterday, our contractor started work on the new house! Oliver and I met them there around 12:30 and the crew started ripping out the old carpet almost immediately. it was so fun to watch..and i really wanted to just sit there and cheer them on! ;) i had to leave though to put O down for his nap but once b got home and we had dinner, we were both itching to see how much they had removed. 
i really had no idea what to expect when we pulled into the driveway...
after all it was just a half day of work...but when we walked into the kitchen and noticed the tile floor was removed...we knew they had a really productive (half) day! 

the kitchen, living room, dining room and entry had all be cleared and boy does it feel good! 
here is the before shot of the entry...
and now...the parquet is officially gone!
now i can't wait to see the railing disappear! 
so here is the dining room with carpet, paneling and an old light fixture.
 the light fixture will be replaced with my new metal drum pendant that i showed you in this post
and now...
not only did they get to remove the carpet in both of these rooms (living room and dining room),
 they also got rid of the old paneling in the dining room! 
here is a shot of the living room before...the carpet doesn't look that bad right? 
well pictures are so deceiving...it was gross and smelled like old funky carpet.
and here it is with the carpet gone! 
those doors you see there...yeah they are really cheap..so they are going away..as well as those blinds that don't even close!
 i know i haven't shared this lovely kitchen picture with you yet...
so feast your eyes on the blue cabinets, crazy "a" granite countertop and tumbled splash. 
oh and don't forget to look up at the huge fluorescent light fixture. 
isn't it great? ha! 
so a quick story...the seller's son thought it would be a good idea to replace the countertops and backsplash before putting the house on the market. i don't know what was there before...but he thought this looked sooo much better! 
so what do you think..selling point? 
let's look at the next picture...
here is a shot from last night. the tile floor was removed..next up will be the granite countertops, the backsplash tile and the chair rail. oh and the light fixture...that's gotta go. 

i am really eager to see what was done today...i hope they tackled the upstairs! 

i'll be back with more picture tomorrow...oh and i have to share the tile my client and i picked out today for her new house! so pretty! maybe that will wait until next week..we will see. 

Happy Thursday!
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