up to my elbows

in bubble wrap and boxes.
i am tired of packing..it's down to the things we use every day and those weird sized items that don't fit nicely into a box. those weird items....ugh they are giving me a headache.
we still have a ton of work to be done on the new house and i feel a little bit of anxiety coming on...
 i am keeping the faith..it will get done.
the lord got us this far!
no matter what..we will still be moving into the new house in less then 7 days!
so ready! :)
before i leave you...here are some progress pics..
old washer/dryer closet in kitchen and a stunned looking Oliver.
doors, flooring and base removed..
cabinets gone...beautiful new red oak floor installed!
i'm in love...i almost kept them natural looking!
but that red oak flooring was stained last week...and it looked amazing!
it still needs two more coats and some poly...but that first coat was enough to get us excited. 
but seeing the beautiful floors was short lived (for now). 
they had to cover them so that the remainder of the work could proceed. 
as you can see from the picture above...dry wall work was done last week.
(sorry for the blurry photo...my 2 year old assistant was
 running laps around me while i was taking this photo.)
the old railing was removed to prepare for the new painted/stained railing.
the kitchen counters were installed!
and since i am a "details" girl...
the baseboard was added late Friday afternoon.
 i love how trimwork transforms a room.
they trimmed around the vents rather then "notch" the baseboard.
 it looks so much cleaner this way.
last but not least...Sunday, the laundry tile was installed (not grouted, yet)!
Happy Monday...
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