just add a bulb.

not so much the case in our new house...add a bulb that is.
most of the fixtures at the new house are dated (circa 1982) or they are not quite our taste.
so we decided to replace a lot of them.  
others like hallway lights, we will replace those in the near future. 
  it's been a lot of fun picking out new fixtures but also a little stressful.
 i usually like to take my time when it comes to selections on my own house...
find things as i go and not so much all store bought.
 because we really want to have the new house pretty close to move in ready,
it meant a lot of the lights needed to be replaced...now. 
so i thought i would share with you what we selected for the first floor.
before i do that though, i wanna show you what we are replacing first.
should be fun..
above you can see the entry light, it's actually not hideous.
i really think it could be a great piece with a little tlc.
 since it's not quite the style we are going for, it's finding a new home. 
this is the dining room light. it isn't much of a keeper (nor was the carpet or the paneling).
so it's being replaced.
this breakfast room fixture was not the proper scale for the room
nor the style we like so it's a goner.
even though i have grown to love brass again,
i am not a big fan of this light that is in the future powder room.
this isn't the greatest picture of the master vanity light but honestly, this is the only picture i have.
 i guess the fixture was just so awful, i never felt the need to take a picture of it.
it's hard to tell in this picture what it looks like but picture a frosted horizontal glass
 light fixture with antique brass flowers.
still can't picture it, don't worry. it was ugly.
my contractor told me so. when i asked him to remove the mirror, he asked if i also wanted the fixture taken down. which i said yes fairly quickly and that made him tell me that in all the years he's been doing houses, he's never seen an uglier light then the one in our master bath. 
good thing we are replacing it huh?! 
so let's talk about the good stuff...
out with the ugly and in with the pretty right?!
1. The breakfast room will get this antique black pendant from Schoolhouse Electric. i still need to find a breakfast table for the area but i plan on doing something like this. i love how classic this fixture looks and how awesome it will look with the new kitchen finishes.
2. The lovely master light that i just spoke about will be replaced with two of these antique pewter wall sconces. the vanity area is less then 4' wide and i love having a light on either side of my mirror when i am applying my makeup. the fact that these swivel is just pure bonus!  
so you ask what's wrong with a light above the mirror? well it tends to cast shadows on a face..like those horrible dark circles under our eyes..some of us actually have them and other don't but the light makes you think you do. tricky huh? i'd rather walk into the bathroom knowing that the circles under my eyes are real and not from the light above.
3. you all know about this light. i actually don't have a picture of the existing light in our master. it's just a socket with a bulb really..nothing special...but the new light is pretty darn special. you can read about it here.
4. ah...the entry light. b and i were shopping at Crate and Barrel weeks ago and this fixture had me at hello. it's the prettiest gun metal gray. i love that it isn't heavy looking and has a little whimsy to it.
5. you might remember this fixture from a previous post. we found our new dining room light while visiting one of our local antique stores. i can't wait to see this bad boy up and over my dining table!
6. the powder room light...ahh...i love this light. i had it pinned before we even bought the new house. i knew i wanted to use it some where and when the time came to select lights...
this was at the top of my list.
so there you have it..the first floor replacements. i will share tomorrow my second floor fixtures and it's has beens. :)
Happy Wednesday!

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