weekend recap

on friday, we celebrated my love's birthday...with pizza and wings (salad and wings for me since going gluten free). it was a good dinner. after we filled our tummies, we headed home for some Cookie Studio cupcakes and cookies (not to get on a gluten free kick here...but CS has the best chocolate gf cookie i've tried...it's like a brownie/cookie in one...it's D-lish!)
that morning, Oliver and i had picked up some fun party crowns for b's birthday. since our house is filled with boxes galore..i thought wearing crowns would help with the lack of party decorations.
 i'd say they were a hit.
we were the king (s) and queen of the boxes!
on Saturday, we got to sleep in a little..thank you O!!
after we got ready, we headed out for some (new house) shopping.
we picked up a light for O's room (more on that later)
 and headed to Stanton to look at sofas and of course everything else...
i fell for two sofas...the Quincy (above) and the Barlow (below).
two different looks...but both tufted.
i love a tufted sofa...we have one now and after 7-8 years...i still love the look.
the Barlow is actually really close to our current sofa except for the shape of the arm. i do love the look of the Quincey though...with the high arm it looks like it would be so comfy and cozy. i picture myself cuddling up next to that arm with a pillow and book (oh who am i kidding...my ipad!).  
we took a peek at the fabric options and i really liked these two dark ones above.
Stanton is getting some chairs in the Zulu Steel in the next couple weeks
 so i am eager to see how good it looks.
i don't want to rush to pick a sofa or a fabric right now since we are still working out quite a lot of details on the house. i would rather get moved into the new house, live there a little bit and figure out what will really work in the space...but i do think one of these sofas will end up in our new living room at one point or another. :)
b and i loved this mirror below...i think it would be amazing above our fireplace!
i want this chair...this picture does not do the fabric justice...not one bit.
it was the most beautiful deep sea blue.
the clean lines gave it a more mod feel which is up my alley.
b and i both agree that we need new sofa pillows...i love these and i'm not normally a floral person but these spoke to me...they said take me home! ;)
don't you love this light fixture? oh my...word. it was stunning and those bird pictures...i want those for my bedroom!! we left with nothing but a bunch of great ideas and possibilities.
so excited!
on Sunday morning we had a lot more house related chores to do.
before we started any of them, we let O watch a show and at one point he got up from the sofa and watched the tv like this...it was too cute. i don't know if that is a sign for him needing glasses or him just in a trance since he doesn't get to watch tv often.
Sunday afternoon, we went to the new house. we did a bunch of measuring and brought over the new fixture for O's room. we were bummed. we thought we had measured correctly...but we didn't. the fixture was just "a little" too big. wink.
so it's going back and i am searching for a new one.
as you may notice...the carpet in O's room has not been removed yet...that's because our demo phase came to a hault. i am not sure why but we are hoping it starts back up tomorrow.
i met with the contractor, the foreman and the hvac guy this morning to discuss details.
i don't know about you...but i am ready to start seeing new stuff go up and the old stuff taking a hike!
count down to move in - 20 days!
off to look for blinds, curtains and lighting!
Happy Monday! 
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