coming up for air...

last Monday, we moved into our new house!
 it's been a week since that day and we are finally seeing the dust settle. most of the boxes are broken down, waiting in the garage for recycle day. we are feeling more and more settled.
we feel so happy in our new house.
you know how when people move, some never look back and some just have a
hard time saying goodbye.
well i think i was in the middle. 
ready to move but had a big lump in my throat when the time came to say goodbye.
last Tuesday, i went back to the old house to clean and i am so glad i went alone.
 i took my time and thought about all the memories that i will cherish from our time there. 
so many special memories were made there.
9 years worth.
they are all tucked deep in my heart.
- we are dealing with sporadic internet here at the new house and we hope to fix that soon but in the mean time, i will try to get some pictures up of the new house...maybe do a little before and after of most of the rooms. none of them are finished of course..there is still a lot of work to be done with art, accessories, window treatments etc...but that's all in due time right? :)
Happy Monday!
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