weekend/weekday recap (s)

so sorry to keep you all hanging!

 at the old house, we used a wireless internet and it worked pretty well...but as you can probably figure out by my lack of posts last week...it didn't work so well here.

so we had to get a new service...and now i'm back to posting! wahoo!!

i have so so much to share but let's start with the past couple weekends and then we will work on what has been going on here at the new house ok? ok...

our new house is within walking distance of the town square. whoot!
b and i took advantage of it the first week we moved in. we took a little breather from unpacking
and strolled on over to all the little shops and restaurants. we knew it would be good for us but also a nice break for Oliver. he had been so good with the move and keeping preoccupied with his toys..but he was getting a little stir crazy.
so of course the day we picked to walk up to the square, it was one of those super hot summer days. you know..the kind where sweat drips down your back and tickles you as it goes down or where you get a beaded mustache? yeah..that's what it was like. so we picked up two iced black tea lemonades and  headed straight for the fountain.
Oliver loves the fountain and typically he will end up sitting in the mist until his shorts are dripping. this particular day, we didn't mind.
did i mention that it was pretty hot out?

tippy toes!
b finished his tea and let O slurp up the melted ice. O thought it was pretty awesome. those cheeks slay me!
under one of two umbrella tables...boy do they need more then just two!

he got a hold of both of our drinks and thought he was one cool dude. :)

after tacos and margaritas (me and b only of course), we walked back home.
we live across the street from a local girl's university and it's so so lovely!

see? lovely!
some of the buildings are from the early 1900's and man are they divine.
the campus confirmed to me that we had made the right move...wink..wink.

the first week i was solo in our new house with O, we walked up to the square twice. once for story time (i can't tell you how much i love that we can walk to story time now!) and the second time just to get out of the house after nap. we played in the fountain...my boy loves that mist...and then i treated him to some yummy fro-yo!
as we were walking home, i let him get out of the stroller and run around the campus.

he loved it! he was running, jumping, walking and sitting.

we've been back quite a few times since then. actually had a picnic breakfast on campus last weekend. i think we are in love with the grounds and
 maybe a little grass envious (more on that later).

Arden you ask? well she's doing amazing. she has adjusted really well to her new home and yard.
she gets to come outside for the first time ever and greet us at our cars (if one of us is home to let her out for the other person). she was a little afraid of the stairs but now that the railings are installed, she's getting better about going up and down those scary steps. i think she's in love with the new house just as much as we are.
waiting for his friend A to come over.
this past weekend was probably the best weekend yet.

singing on mommy and appa's bed.

our good friends came over on Friday to check out the place and gave us their approval. :)
Oliver of course was just super happy to share his new home with his pal, A!

he even let her lay in his bed!
after the grand tour, we all headed to the square to try out a new restaurant and afterwards, we picked up some yummy dessert. both were exactly what we all needed.
it was a great time (as always!).
belly laughs, great food and good company is such a perfect mix!
we love you MSA!
 the following morning, b took O on some errands and left me home to get some work done.
while i was working in the my new space which is also the guest room. i had a light bulb moment.
i knew what i needed to do to my new space. i shared it with b and he loved it.
 so we took a trip to "a" store to pick up some items for the room.
i'm super excited about the future of this room! can't wait to share my ideas with you this week!
any who..back to the weekend. it was a low key, lovely weekend! 

we finished the weekend off with a walk to the local donut shop on Sunday morning. we grabbed one for each of us then took them to a park down the road. O played for a bit while we munched on our donuts. then we walked around the neighborhoods for an hour and a half. it was such a beautiful day. before going home, we strolled by Oliver's future Elementary School. i loved seeing that they have a garden behind the school for the kids to grow and learn from. makes me so excited for him!

we noticed this butterfly bench by the school and before heading home we had O sit on it. hoping for good pictures but didn't get them. it's always when you least expect them that the pictures are great...not when you plan them right?
oh well. :)

so there's a huge catch up on my little family. i have a ton of pictures to share with you on the house! i'm excited to show you the before and afters!

Happy Monday!!
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