weekend recap

O and baby b meet!
on the 4th, we met up with our favorite family and old neighbors to meet their newest member, sweet baby b!
since most of the festivities had been canceled due to all the rain
(yeah..that meant no parades, no bands and no fireworks for us on America's birthday..boo.),
we decided to meet at a mall.
who goes to the mall on the 4th of July??
we do.
turns out, it's great for toddlers.
before we met up with our friends, i had been talking to O about baby b all week.
letting him know who he was and who is mommy and daddy were.
i told O that baby b would be really little and we'd have to be careful with him.
i even had O help me pick out a special gift to give baby b.
look at those cheeks!
big sis!!
O and A helping Susan open the special present for baby b.
side note: Susan is going to kick me when she reads this post..but seriously...look at this woman! she gave birth just weeks ago and look at her! amazing...just amazing. oh and don't get me started on her legs. i've told her before..i have leg envy. ;)
O was so excited to give baby b his special present. he was so sweet and tried
to give it to b but decided to lay it so gently by him. made this momma so very proud!
so sweet!! we got the "doll" as O calls it from the Beehive Atl, it's made by Mr. Sogs.
they are adorable, very well made and there are a ton of colorful choices.
i'm thinking of getting O one for his birthday!
once we got inside, we walked around and caught up with our friends.
 these two cuties made
our momma hearts melt when they decided to hold hands!
discussing what stores they wanted to shop.  
aren't they sweet?
on Friday, my sweet friend, Jacklyn and her family came into town for the day.
 so we met them at the aquarium and oh my word was it packed!
i think everyone was sick of staying indoors because of the rain, don't blame them.
the best part about the aquarium was seeing our boys play together. 
a fun little tidbit about our boys is that they are just 10 days apart.
love that! :)
O and the notorious flip flops..those darn things would not stay on those little feet.
not so much the shoe's fault. ;)
after the aquarium, we all went out for some pasta. after our plates were cleared, the boys got to have a giggle fest!
 M did the best interpretation of "Jaws".
 it was ADORABLE!
Jacklyn and i decided to have a special drink at lunch. it's a drink neither one of us had tried before but our friend, Kelly loves it and talks about it often so we were very curious!
 the result, we loved it! it's called the Moscow Mule.
it was a nice refreshing summer time drink for sure!
After what seemed like no time at all, we had to say goodbye! :(
there were hugs and a few tears but it was such a great time!
on Saturday night, we had even more rain but this time a little bit more then just rain.
darn wind made a limb...or two drop and one of those decided to clip a gutter of ours.
these are the branches that came down. after taking a walk around the neighborhood on Sunday, i think we are pretty darn lucky this is all that came down.
on the home front, look at what's happening!
b started to install some pantry shelves! wahoo!!
that meant...
this area finally got freed up from baskets and bags!
i just realized...i don't think i shared with you what i envision in this space.
 i will have to touch on that soon! :)
we also ordered our breakfast room chairs!!
we went with the ones i told you about earlier...
they are expected to arrive in 7 - 10 days...can't wait to see them in the breakfast room!
hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!
Happy Monday!

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